SAKE BAR Tommy’S has been waiting for your visit

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I am Tomohiro Tokita who the owner of SAKE BAR Tommy’S. Welcome to my sake bar blog and I appreciate your visit. I hope that this blog will give you some information about this bar. First of all I did not make my web page in English, because my web skill is not enough for good one. I’m so sorry. That’s why I wanted to start writing some information in English for all over the world people except Japanese people.

This sake bar has been opened since May 5th 2018. I had been to Zambia for two years as a volunteer from March 2016 to March 2018. It was just Japanese Karaoke bar when I came back to home in Japan, and my mother was still working as a big mom for this bar. I thought that I can help something for my mother because she is getting older. So I decided to work at this Karaoke bar, and I wanted to change the style of Karaoke bar to Sake bar,But the customers of Karaoke bar are still coming regularly. So I have got only Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday in a week from my mother. Now these 4 days are only for Sake bar.


There are what I prepared for sake bar, foods and drinks, and sake below.


Kimuchi 200yen
Potato Salad 400yen
Beef Jerkey 300yen
Snack Food 200yen
Roasted Beef 600yen
Eihire Aburi 400yen
Mentai Aburi 400yen
Grilled Bacon 400yen
Raw Tuna 500yen
Deep fried chicken 600yen
Deep fried tofu 400yen
Chips 500yen
Shawarma 700yen
Spaghetti Carbonara 1000yen

Kirin Ichiban Draft Beer 500yen
Gazelle Beer 700yen
White Horse Highball 400yen
Highball with Gingerale 450yen
Highball with Coca Cola 450yen
RUM Captain Morgan 500yen


These are approximately 20 kind of sake regularly and main line ups below.

Senchu Hassaku Kochi PREF 600yen
Hakurakusei Miyagi PREF 600yen
Akabu Iwate PREF 600yen
Hououbiden Tochigi PREF 700yen
Hohai Aomori PREF 700yen
Sharaku Fukushima PREF 700yen
Suigei No.54 Kochi PREF 600yen
Hanamura Akita PREF 800yen
Isojiman Shizuoka PREF 700yen
Nabeshima Saga PREF 800yen
Aramasa No.6 Akita PREF 800yen



And let me introduce what the customers were coming from the world. 1st customers were from Philippines in May 2018. They were coming as a tourists to Japan. They said that we are coming to Japan sometimes. The one is living in near Yokohama as a US Army and another one was lived in Japan for four years before. So they speak Japanese language just little bit. That time they came at midnight and searched sake bar, but it was nothing near Asakusa area. Finally they found my sake bar fortunately, because most restaurant were closed until 11 p.m. in Asakusa. They were really enjoyed my sake tastes until morning. Also I was enjoyed together. I hope that they will come back again.

The 2nd customers were coming from Europe area. They also wanted to drink sake at midnight in Asakusa. One of our Japanese friend met them at Japanese restaurant and he introduce about my sake bar, after that he took them to my sake bar. It was very fortunate for me. I recommended Aramasa No.6 Japanese sake to them.


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